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Rossum validation interface can be embedded into a third-party app. That allows users to enjoy the Rossum validation interface (with its speedy validation and AI feedback) while keeping the app they use. No extra login is required, a document is directly shown to the user and on confirming it, the user is immediately returned to the app.

This page showcases this capability. It demoes three ways to embed Rossum in an external app: redirect-based (the standard way), popup-based and iframe-based. After validation is completed, the captured data is shown on the page.

Check out the source at the GitHub rossumai/embedded-demo. More detailed intro to the embedded mode is on Rossum's Developer Hub.

API Authentication

The API communication requires Rossum login information. If you do not have an account yet, register for a free trial.

Usually, the backend of the external app would perform the login based on fixed secret credentials, and share only a short-lived token with the frontend for authenticated users.



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